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Does My Website Need Conversion Rate Optimization?

You might be successful in bringing a lot of traffic to your website, but if visitors are not doing what you ultimately want them to do (such as buying a product, downloading a document, filling a form, subscribing to a service, etc.), all your efforts are basically going in vain.

If such is the case with your website, consider following questions:

  • How easy is it for users to find things on the website?
  • Does landing page have elements that distract users?
  • Are CTAs good enough to prompt the desired actions?
  • Is the content adding value to visitors’ experience?

If you are in doubt answering these questions, it’s time you take conversion rate optimization seriously.

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How Conversion Rate Optimization Helps

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) ensures that after catching customers’ attention, you also succeed in making them perform the actions that are relevant to your business growth and sales. CRO practices incorporate smart implementation of design & psychological elements and involve various lead conversion strategies that collectively persuade or help users in performing the desired actions.

  • Reduce Customer Acquisition cost
  • Improve revenue per customer
  • Smoothen business growth

Still wondering how simple changes like these can lead to huge increase in conversions? Take a look at some of the research which proves it

  • The average ROI on Conversion Rate Optimization is


  • An action oriented and problem solving copy can increase conversions by


  • Top Companies spend more than


    of their budget on Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Changing the color of CTA to make it more prominent can increase conversions by


  • Just by redesigning the website flow and making it easier to navigate increases the conversions by


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Conversion Rate
Optimization Services

Conversion Rate Analysis

Conversion rate analysis is imperative to determine areas & scope of optimization in a system. With ever changing dynamics, even the best converting systems need a conversion check every once in a while.

We do a thorough analysis of your website’s conversion funnel through Analytics, navigation, analyzing visual elements, performing intermediate actions, etc., to identify pitfalls and then form a strategy to fix them and improve the overall digital experience of your website.

Information Architecture Optimization

Information architecture lays the foundation for your website navigation so it’s role is crucial in converting leads into customers. How easily a customer is able to find useful information or preferred options on a website entirely depends upon this part.

By understanding the business goals of a website and defining the customer journey for target audience, our CRO specialists put things in a logical progression, and architect the optimum navigation for a website that naturally guides users to visit pages or perform actions, which a business wants them to.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing page is the face of your website. Besides looking good it should also work well – by conveying the right message to users at the right place.

Is it a complementary to the marketing copy? Do page structure, layout design & content flow – all elements facilitate conversion? Does it have trust building elements? Does the lead capture form have optimum length? –While delivering Conversion rate optimization services, our team helps clients address all such concerns with our proven landing page optimization practices.

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Call-to-Action Optimization

The final interaction point between users & your web system, call to action (CTA) is a tricky little area with big control on lead conversion rate.

The science of CTAs is all about design, user psychology, and the effectiveness of the message you put upon it. To boost conversion rate, everything matters like, how are CTAs positioned; what’s their color, shape, size; is the message impactful . We analyze and optimize calls to action based on a range of parameters to ensure that the website gets high conversions.

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User Experience Optimization

User experience optimization is the ultimate tool we have to ensure that a web system gels up well with its target audience; and generates the desired conversion rate.

From website navigation to system’s performance; content readability/graphic visibility to their impact; taking a bird-eye view of the entire conversion funnel and analyzing each element it comprises, we decide which CRO implementations require enhancements, and which should stay intact.

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Shopping Cart Optimization

On an average, the value of abandoned cart is 3 times the revenue generated by an ecommerce store. Cart abandonment cannot be discarded altogether, but it can be controlled.

We offer this ecommerce-focused CRO service to help online store reach their true conversion potential. Taking web security, robustness & intuitiveness of the system, and other key factors into account, we implement frictionless checkout to help ecommerce sites reduce cart abandonment rate considerably.

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A/B Testing

When it comes to design, the road to the ideal choice is always through a series of hit & trials instances; and that’s what A/B or split testing is all about.

Our experience in the web designing & internet marketing industry makes us competent enough to pick up the most relevant design test cases for a given project, which saves client time & money. We analyze each test case on all crucial conversion parameters to determine the ideal one.

Process of
Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Set Objective

  • Data Collection

  • Data Analysis

  • Hypothesis

  • Designing

  • Website Building

  • Testing & Improvement

  • Result Analyis

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